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The new organization ABC Huis, a management merger between Artiance and the Kennemerwaard Public Library, was officially launched on 1 January 2021. Due to the gradual streamlining of company processes, considerable efficiency gain has been achieved in the back office the past year. The partnership is based mostly now on individual projects with the combined expertise of both organizations. These projects clearly illustrate what is to come. Below we give more insight into the Dag & Dauw, Taaltheater and Groots Alkmaar projects. These are three interesting examples that show how the merging of both company’s qualities provides a better service than if the service had been developed by only one.

Dag & Dauw online

The Dag & Dauw program continues to be a good example of the partnership between Artiance and the Kennemerwaard Public Library. It is now incorporated in the ABC Huis combined program. What make the program so special is that the 60+ age group organize their own cultural/social activities. This takes place at three locations in Alkmaar (Alkmaar Centrum, Alkmaar de Mare and Oudorp). The program provides not only an active contribution to reducing loneliness, but also the opportunity to discover your own community. Unfortunately, many Dag & Dauw activities had to be put on hold due to coronavirus measures. A few activities were made available online to continue to provide for this target group. We deliberately rejected the preconception that elderly people are not technically competent. And with success! Thirty senior citizens logged in for the first activity to listen to Martijn Pieters’ discussion on gardens in the Middle Ages. They were happy and pleased that finally something had been organized in Dag & Dauw, as this had been missed by many. Friends and acquaintances often arranged to meet at home to join in the activities. They had to make their own cup of coffee but that didn’t worry them.

Online tv Groots Alkmaar

Groots Alkmaar, an online tv program for and by seniors that began as an Artiance project is now an ABC Home project. The editorial staff volunteers at Groots Alkmaar could now make requests to the Marketing and Communication staff at both Artiance and the Kennemerwaard Public Library who had begun to work closer, also for this project. As a result, they were able to support each other, which had a positive effect. Groots Alkmaar has a new program on art, culture, history, and nature in and around Alkmaar every month from a different location. The first broadcast was in November 2021, and it was recorded from the Alkmaar Centrum library.


Luisterhuisjes (Audio hub trail)

What had begun as an Artiance theatre department initiative flourished into a major ABC Huis project. Audio activities designed by seniors and youth members from the theatre department can be heard on the so-called luisterhuisjes trail. The initial steps were taken in 2021 and the project will be finalized in the summer 2022. On the trail members of the public can listen to various narratives that occurred in the past.


The coronavirus measures triggered alternative projects that were launched in 2021.The Taaltheater in the AZC (refugee center) is a good example. It is in collaboration with Artiance within the ABC Huis and is a further development of the Alfabet project at the Regenboog School. It’s a plan where parents learn how to stimulate their children’s language development by using the Alphabet book. We promote language development within the family situation through theatre, and with the Alphabet book as a support in the Taaltheater, for which we have received a quality boost subsidy. It was a successful project that will receive follow-up in 2022.


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