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The Participation and Self-Dependence Program is for residents who require support to improve certain skills either temporarily or for a longer period. It may involve basic linguistic, digital, or arithmetic skills but also skills that are required to integrate into society. They may be so-called newcomers or people from another culture for whom our society, with all its values, norms as well as a different language, is totally new; or they may be people who are not able to integrate (for the moment) to the rapid pace of our society due to their personal situation or circumstances. We provide these residents with support within the social domain by developing projects that address their present needs together with our partners. An important factor to remember here is recognizing prejudices. They exist in every society, including ours. We hope to contribute to the ultimate elimination of any prejudices by addressing this topic in our activities.

In brief

Highlights from the Participation and Self-Dependence Program in 2021

Walk & Talk online

Applying for a job in this digital age is not that easy, and especially for those who are incompetent, or not completely competent with Dutch as their mother language (Nt1-ers) or as their second language (Nt2-ers). Walk & Talk is a way to expand the network and exchange tips. There was an online meeting every month in 2021 where experts shared their experiences. Our books and tips for a successful job application were also discussed. Participants received a free mini subscription to the library. Walk & Talk was a good example of how we continued to work with our target group despite the period of coronavirus measures. Initially, we assisted everyone who was interested in the online Walk & Talk individually by helping with video calls. Walk & Talk could then begin. The supervisor received feedback from the participants that confirmed it was a success.



Job found "I won’t be there on 7 April. This is because I have found a really nice job as a care support secretary with GGZ Amici Zorgt in Heerhugowaard. And I begin soon in April. There was quite some stress because after almost 100 application letters I was offered two job in one week 😅 Thank you for your Webinars."

Approached on LinkedIn "I am writing to cancel for the Walk & Talk on Wednesday 7 April. Tomorrow I begin a project via assignment placement for approximately three months. It all began on LinkedIn when a recruiter contacted me. I’m really happy you gave me the tip for LinkedIn."

Digi Taal ontmoetingen (Language sessions)

We began the Digi Taal sessions in early 2021. Digi Taal sessions are digital streams within the Taalhuis that conformed to the coronavirus measures. In this Covid-19 period the NT1 and NT2 speakers were confronted with other challenges. Together with our partners VrouwenKracht and Wijkcentrum Overdie, we assessed the problems NT1 and NT2 speakers faced, and as a result we initiated the Digi Taal track meetups. The Digi Taal sessions are aimed at a healthy lifestyle, handling finances responsibly and e-government. The program involved seven online meetings, 90 minutes in length, with a maximum of four participants. Attendees who were not familiar with joining online meetups could learn about video calling beforehand with individual guidance from the Taalhuis.

"Every resident has his or her own incentive to improve their digital skills. Like a 30-year-old who had a season ticket for Ajax but wanted to know how to book a match. His uncle always arranged this for him but when his uncle was unavailable, he missed the match. He learned how to do this through an individual digital program, and at the same time a DigiD seemed handy as well. He can now book his own tickets and is competent with e-government."

Partnership with WNK Personeelsdiensten

The Kennemerwaard Public Library has had a learning environment with WNK Personeelsdiensten now for several years. WNK provides staffing services to people with an occupational disability and during the coronavirus period it became clear that this group continued to be confronted with problems. The step to undertake learning became inaccessible. Therefore, together with WNK, we made an inventory of the problems they faced. This resulted in two new activities here which have been supervised by our Participation and Self-Dependence staff members since the autumn of 2021: the Taal Ontwikkel Plein (TOP) and Wijs met Geld. The Taal Ontwikkel Plein focuses on staff members at WNK who had completed the integration requirements but whose knowledge of Dutch had slipped a little. Wijs met Geld also targets mathematical skills. These activities have been made possible through the employer subsidy, and with the support from the Kennemerwaard Public Library, an application was made at Tel mee met Taal.

Assistance with vaccination appointment

During 2021, many people were challenged with organizing an appointment for their vaccination and then having to arrange their vaccination certificate. We set up our delivery bike at many locations in our districts to inform residents that they could get assistance at the library. There were also consultation hours in the Informatiepunt Digitale Ondersteuning (IDO) and we were able to help many people.

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