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General news in brief

New business models for a wider reach

Fewer people feel the need to commit to organizations for a longer period by taking out a subscription or membership. This came to light through a study on charitable organizations. The Kennemerwaard Public Library, together with other libraries, and with financial support from the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (the National Library of the Netherlands), is now conducting research into new business models so that more contact can be made with residents and to connect them with the library.

Free library with Freemium

The Kennemerwaard Public Library, together with ProBiblio, the provincial service organization, and several libraries in South Holland, have developed the Freemiummodel during the past year. This is a way to become more familiar with the library for free. Freemium can then be changed into a paid service with more options, if desired. A trial is now being run in Egmond where there is no library branch. Services are made available in the neighborhood centers, schools, and childcare centers, but the library presence is less visible. The Freemiummodel trial is explained in the ‘Meer bereik vraagt nieuwe businessmodellen: een handreiking om van start te gaan / werkgroep Gratis Bieb’ (More contact requires new business models: a beginner’s guide / work group Free Library’) publication. The social effects of the various projects will be monitored and will be reported in the next publication in 2022.

Successful reading campaigns

In 2021 the Kennemerwaard Public Library began local initiatives due to the national reading campaign by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the reading coalition. We have prepared an online conference on reading enjoyment which will take place in 2022 in cooperation with the education counselling services Klaarr, OBD Noordwest and the ABC. We have also begun a reading campaign in the Overdie area together with others including SKOA/Kiddies, Humanitas, De Vrolijke Boekenwurm and the Boekenfiets. This is achieved by utilizing the existing network and strengthening the collaboration already available in the district. The partnership involving the local reading campaign with SAKS, Forte and SOVON unfortunately did not eventuate. The Kennemerwaard Public Library’s participation in the provincial reading campaign resulted in a number of workshops with other libraries in the province and an exchange of knowledge. This reading initiative was terminated with an online meeting and seminar. The campaign was set-up together with De Aktiviteit, Boekhandel Plukker and Boekhandel Stumpel, and an escape room game was designed where children were encouraged to read books in a fun way.

Contact with council members

In preparation for the local elections in 2022, the Kennemerwaard Public Library contacted all political parties in the various municipalities with a proposal to discuss the library services. All four councils accepted the invitation which led to informative discussions with interested council members. A presentation was given in the Heerhugowaard municipality for both Langedijk and Heerhugowaard councils. Further information was provided on the extra structural financial support that has been requested to facilitate the merger between the Langedijk Library and the Kennemerwaard Public Library.

Emma Eigenraam nominated as Youth Specialist of the Year

Our reading consultant Emma Eigenraam was nominated as Youth Specialist of the Year. As a reading consultant at the Kennemerwaard Public Library, and with her enthusiasm, Emma knows how to help many students, teachers and library members with her projects and activities. She focuses on numerous reading projects for her schools and brings books to life, for example by dressing up as ‘de ridder zonder billen’ or ‘Boer Boris’. Together with her education colleagues she makes the coolest videos for VideoLab. Emma also started working with Level UP! (a safe and responsible gaming project in partnership with AZ). Everything Emma does, she does with know-how and dedication, as can be seen in her videos! We are proud of Emma who finished in the top 3 in the Netherlands.

The library and coronavirus

The coronavirus has again in 2021 caused a continual variation and change in services provided by both the Kennemerwaard Public Library and Artiance. There has been regular consultation with representatives from various library teams and Artiance in response to all the changes given in new guidelines from the government. Discussions took place on the implications for the services, activities and for staff members. All modifications had to be communicated of course both internally and externally. An alternative for the continuation of different activities was always sought, and if this was not possible, other forms of service were implemented instead. New types of service were created that are also worth continuing in periods without the coronavirus.

Local news in brief

Plans for a reading café in the Alkmaar Centrum branch

The Covid-19 restrictions also impacted the catering in the library. The businessman who was eager to begin in 2020 was confronted with lockdowns and limitations for takeaway and eating in. The reduced number of visitors due to the cancellation of activities as well led to fewer customers. This resulted in the closure of the catering facility in 2021 in the Alkmaar Centrum library and up until now it has not re-opened. Advantage was taken of this opportunity though to develop the reading café concept so that a good plan is ready to go in 2022.

Restructuring Egmond Library

We have been in the process of restructuring the Egmond library since 2020. We now have branches in the center of Egmond Binnen, Egmond aan Zee and Egmond aan den Hoef. There is a librarian reading consultant at every primary school, who provides weekly support to children and teachers. A toddler library for children aged 0 to 4 years was opened as a pilot at one of the primary schools. Reading activities were organized for (grand)parents and children, and materials could be borrowed, Covid-19 restrictions permitting. This trial will be extended to other primary schools. The Hanswijk service point in Egmond aan den Hoef relocated to the new culture house in the Slotkwartier, Huys Egmont. A small collection of materials is displayed in the common room on the ground floor. Minor activities can be organized here and there is a reading table and space for residents to work, for example on the laptop. More space is available on the first floor for larger activities with more visitors.

Library in the heart of Schoorl

The library in Schoorl has always been in De Blinkerd on the Heereweg. The board at the Blinkerd handed over the operation of the building to the Stichting Social Leisure Langedijk (SSLL) as of 1 January 2021. There was some delay due to corona, but the SSLL’s goal is to ultimately transform De Blinkerd into the heart of the village, focusing on interaction.

Vrijwilligers Informatie Punt (Volunteers Information Area) in Castricum Library

The walk-in consultation hour at the Volunteers Information Area in the Castricum library began on 1 November. Stichting Welzijn Castricum helps volunteers in the library find a suitable position.

Heritage in Akersloot Library

The Akersloot library will be renovated in 2022 and will have less space. This will make it possible for the Historische Vereniging Akersloot to extend their present area. This society’s activities are not suited in the public area of the library. The Castricum city council has contributed a share of the financial support. The Historische Vereniging and the schools in Akersloot currently work together to prepare a heritage project. The Organization & Development and Education library programs partner for this project. A project proposal has already been prepared.

More visitors in Heerhugowaard

Although the coronavirus restrictions also affected the Heerhugowaard library, it still attracted more visitors than in 2020. Materials were borrowed both in person and online. The participants in the ‘Met elkaar, voor elkaar’ community were pleased that their meetings could finally take place in person.

Merger with Langedijk Library

Ron Vonk, Chairman of the Langedijk library, and Erna Winters, Director of the ABC Huis, signed a letter of intent to merge on 10 March. A festive handover of the letter of intent to the councillors of culture at the Langedijk and Heerhugowaard municipalities could not take proceed due to Covid-19 restrictions. The planned merger date of 1 January 2022 has been postponed for one year as there is still uncertainty concerning the necessary extra structural investment in Dijk en Waard.