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“It’ll never be quiet again in the library!”

Erna Winters

Chapter 1

Short news

Chapter 2


The Kennemerwaard Public Library fulfils its statutory services within the following three programs:

Program Development & Fulfilment

Program Participation & Self-Dependence

Program Education

Chapter 3

Service improvement

We are proud of the service we offer but we continue to strive towards improvement, also in 2019.

Chapter 4

The Organization

The year 2019 was also an active year for the organization. A new and inspiring long-term policy plan was made which was soon followed by a reorganization.

Chapter 5

Marketing, communication and fundraising

The marketing and communication departments of the Kennemerwaard Public Library have been busy the past year with target group and market research. The focus this time was to support colleagues in further developing the policy plan.

Chapter 6

Kennemerwaard Public Library statistics


Cooperation partners