Chapter 4


The year 2019 was also an active year for the organization. A new and inspiring long-term policy plan was made which was soon followed by a reorganization.

A new long-term policy plan

A new long-term policy plan was presented in 2019: A plan for the coming four years, up to 2022, entitled The Spark to Inspire. The first step towards this plan was made in 2018. It was then that a large number of staff members who represent a cross section of the organization, developed the mission and plan for the coming years. They were supported by the so-called future development team. The library’s core values were documented, together with the goals for the library’s programs: Education, Participation & Self-Dependence and Development & Fulfilment. The commitment and motivation of our employees is visible in the challenging new long-term policy plan. The Spark to Inspire evolved as a result of experiences and discussions with each other on the library’s values, as well as the social impact we hope to achieve. This has strengthened us again in our belief that the library has been, and always will be, essential. The library plays a fundamental role in resolving social issues which will only continue to increase during the implementation of the new long-term policy plan. In 2019, we began converting the long-term policy plan goals into concrete implementation within the various programs.

Today was the National Day for library activities! The next four innovative projects can officially be seen as testing ground after today: @BSFFryslan, @bibliotheekhp, @BiebKennemerwrd en @biebaanzet. Koninklijke Bibliotheek @KB_Nederland, 14 February 2019

Functiehuis (Organizational Structure)

While designing the long-term policy plan, library staff noted that the organizational structure for the Kennemerwaard Public Library was no longer current. A different method of management was required if we were to implement and achieve the long-term policy plan. Our own HR advisor, assisted by an external HR advisor, interviewed various staff members. Staff input was then translated into a new task diagram. It was decided to cluster the positions into more generic descriptions. The organizational structure was then presented to the Works Council who granted permission. Management then decided on a reorganization. A reorganization plan was prepared with the objective that the formation would remain the same. Works Council approved and the reorganization was put into place late 2019. The first phase was completed in 2019 and the second phase is planned for 2020.

Merging with Artiance Centrum voor de Kunsten in 2021

A merger with the Artiance Arts Center draws closer. In November 2018, both Supervisory Boards signed the declaration of intent for a merger and then research was begun to determine the intrinsic added value of a merger between the Kennemerwaard Public Library and the Artiance Arts Center in Alkmaar. This resulted in a merger report with a few comments that was well received in June by the Supervisory Board and Works Council of both organizations. The positive reactions to the added value content reassured us that we could proceed with the next phase of the merger process. It became apparent after the summer holidays that too little time was available for the implementation of the decision-making process. Therefore, it was decided to delay the merger until 1 January 2021.

Foreign visit

Also, in 2019 our library made various trips overseas and we welcomed a number of foreign visitors here.

Samira Rafaela

Samira Rafaela, a member of the European Parliament, visited the central Alkmaar branch. This was in the context of sharing library knowledge with members of the European Parliament. During this visit we exchanged information on the tasks carried out by the library and the social issues the library addresses.

Thank you for your effort and inspiration! It is important that the social and unifying function of the library become more visible. @LibrariesEU #BibliothekeninEuropa

Samira Rafaela @samiraraf, 2 August 2019

To Russia There was an exchange congress between Russia and the Netherlands on 27 June in the Yeltsin Center in Ekaterinburg. Director Erna Winters was invited to share her vision on the relationship between the library work in the city and in the country.

The National Library in Lithuania develops new strategy #media knowledge on basis experience network partner@BiebKennemerwrd @Mediawijzer, 21 August 2019

Exchange State Library Queensland  Daniel Flood worked for a number of weeks in early 2019 in the Kennemerwaard Public Library as part of an exchange. Daniel works as Creative Production Manager in the State Library of Queensland. Lighthouse Libraries/#generationcode Public Libraries 2030/Lighthouse Libraries invited us to pay a visit to the director and a number of staff members of the European Parliament in Brussels. Lighthouse Libraries is a Public Libraries 2030 initiative. Only the most innovative and advanced libraries in Europe are invited. One of the topics Director Erna Winters talks about is the project LevelUp! (

Lighthouse Libraries:

Volunteer efforts

Our volunteers have made a valuable contribution to a large number of projects and activities in and around the library in 2019. The number of volunteers increased from 270 to 310 in 2019. Library volunteers were active in many roles. These volunteers are divided into the following function groups: public service; language; digital; project; and technical. Language volunteers for the ROC Oefengroep in Alkmaar De Mare and the Open Leercentrum in Castricum were new positions/roles this year. In addition, an extension of Dag & Dauw was made in the branches.

The volunteers were introduced to their two new coordinators in 2019. They were each both responsible for two municipalities. Volunteers were able to consult the coordinators, which included a discussion on their personal development. As a result of these types of discussions, current volunteers were given the opportunity to advance to a different volunteer position. The internal newsletter also helped to advertise vacant positions. This resulted in more job satisfaction and a stronger connection with the library.

As part of our program again this year, a selection of workshops was made available to our volunteers. It is one of the activities we offer our volunteers as recognition for their work. The spring meeting was organized as well, and we closed the year with two great volunteer events. This year we developed a new volunteer policy to ensure we retain our volunteers in the future and to put their talents to the best possible use. The volunteer policy is in line with the long-term policy plan and is focused on the 2019-2022 period.

'Through their work, volunteers promote the library’s presence in society, and as ambassadors they ensure there is a connection with the local community. They support us in making it possible to provide a wide selection of activities. Volunteers provide an important contribution to the library by focusing on an informal method of learning, uniting various groups in society and utilizing their specific talents. In return the library makes it possible for people to join in and contribute their talents and experience to society, by providing the opportunity to work as a volunteer.

Our vision on working with volunteers, from: volunteers Kennemerwaard Public Library

Supervisory Board

Members of the Supervisory Board of the Kennemerwaard Public Library in 2019 are:

• Mrs. B. Dijkstra, chairman • Mrs. L. Oskamp, member • Mr. K. Res, member • Mr. M. Delahay, member • Mrs. E. Hollenberg, member • Mr. J. Oost, member


The management of the Kennemerwaard Public Library in 2019 are: • Mrs. E. Winters, director • Mrs. H. Idema, section manager, Public Services • Mr. J. Kaldenbach, section manager Innovation & Development

Works Council

There was a maximum of seven members in the Works Council up until 1 September. There was a vacancy in the September to December period, which resulted from the departure of one of the Works Council members.

Members of the Works Council as at 1 January 2019 are:

• Joey Haakman • Anita de Jong • Jolanda Kreuk • Lenette Logtenberg • Marian Lerchbaumer • Sanneke van der Meer • Claudia Oudejans

The Works Council met eight times in 2019. Seven meetings also took place with the Director, and one Algemene gang van Zaken conference with the members of the Supervisory Board. In addition to the regular meetings, all Works Council members met once for a training day with a KGCA course trainer. The main objective in 2019 was to research the possible merger with the Artiance Arts Center, the ongoing development within the Kennemerwaard Public Library, and the related organization structure and reorganization plans. Advice was given on important issues: the intent to merge with the Artiance Arts Center and the Kennemerwaard Public Library, and the reorganization plan associated with the new job descriptions.

The Works Council granted permission twice this year; once on job description and once for the absentee policy.

Donation - used pcs, printers and laptops

As in 2018, the Kennemerwaard Public Library once again donated used computers, printers and laptops to ICT vanaf Morgen in 2019. ICT vanaf Morgen strives to create a more circular economy by refurbishing, if possible, old ICT hardware and in doing so increase their lifespan, as well as limiting the flow of waste ICT material.

Web Library Summer School

Last year the Kennemerwaard Public Library was able to contribute to the seventh Web Library Summer School with the theme ‘Create the Wow in your Library!’ Kopgroep Bibliotheken (best world library in 2018), LocHal (nominated as best library in 2019) and Jolanda Robben (best librarian 2019), as well as the Kennemerwaard Public Library, all contributed to this inspirational day in Utrecht.